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Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between Basic and Featured?

This is One of the Frequently asked questions, Besides the price difference, Featured cars are shown above the rest. Using the Featured option, 3X more users will see your car creating more buzz and generating more leads. For more about our pricing plans visit here

How do I price my car?

It depends on a few factors; condition of the vehicle, mileage, options and so on. We'd also recommend you have a look at similar cars here to get an accurate price. Don’t price your car too low, you don’t want low ball offers flooding your inbox.

How can I make my advert more appealing?

Add as many pictures as you can (Magari Bay allows up to 16 pictures), this way buyers can see everything your vehicle has to offer. Make sure to put all relevant information too, the more you fill out the more attractive your ad will be. Things like modifications done to the vehicle, full-service history and warranty buyers love to see. Is your car one-of-a-kind? Make sure to add that too, car buyers just can’t enough of stand out vehicles. You can sell your car easly by clicking here and follow a few steps

Is there a limit to how many cars I can put on MagariBay?

Woah, first of all how many cars have you got? Second, there is no limit to how many cars you can upload. If you’re a dealer selling car, why not get in contact with our expert sales team that can hook you up with your very own account where you can track leads from buyers all over the world.

How Do I Calculate Importation Taxes?

Its now simple to calculate the importation taxes, by simply visiting TRA website (Tanzania Revenue Authority) which will calculate the value of your car and Taxes expected to be paid during importation. click here to visit motor vehicle evaluation System

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